Man in Argentine tango – elegance and extravagance.

Dance! Dance! Dance!
October 23, 2018

Everyone knows how our tango man should dress up … And he, the tango man, knows that too. And so he dresses…

One question then.

Why so many of you are dancing in jeans? Why there are so many men in pants so tight that any movement threats with a crash of material and a glare of a pale body?

Do gentlemen really want to shine with the body? Even if the body is accidentally quite tanned?

I understand that men who do not feel confident yet do not want to show off with their professional outfit…

But gentlemen, we women, also like to have something to rest our eyes on 😀

And I’m not saying that you need to put on zoot suit right away … Not everyone is Carlos Gardel after all.

However, elegance and style, gentlemen, it is obligatory!

In order.


Dance once of course. Polished and shiny.

A hint. Even if you’re rather shy, not quite sure, and the steps on the dance floor are your first ones…

Shoes can be extravagant. Dance shoes are a must-buy. So why do not go crazy and buy more extravagant shoes than the everyday ones?

I strongly urge you!

Argentine tango trousers.


And that does not mean suit trousers.

Suit pants have a narrow leg and are not suitable for tango.

Jeans are the least appropriate of all. I know that jeans are like beer. Good, familiar and match everything. But I am begging you, try to “tango” without them. Maybe when you are a Maestro you can afford such extravagance and nonchalance. Until then, avoid them.

A good option to start your adventure with tango trousers are casual once. Casual, but made for dancing of course!


The leg should be free and loose. Have a full range for all figures, those intended – for men who know their steps, and those accidental – in other cases.

The leg should be wide and made of light material that provides us with air access and protects against excessive sweating.


As time passes, every man is gaining confidence, gets rid of embarrassment and wants to show himself and shine in tango.

And when this moment comes, the choices are really wide. Sky is the limit!  With pleats, without pleats, with two pleats, three, four… With cuffs, without cuffs, in twigs, in squares, well!, with dots even!. There are those who prefer the classics, and those who prefer extravagance.

Your choice!

Shirt or T-shirt?

The shirt is indicated. Nice, nit T-shirt is very acceptable.

When you choose one, keep in mind mainly the fabric. Cotton, viscose – these are the products you should look for.

Even the most beautiful shirt will not look attractive with sweat stains.

The vest is a beautiful choice, a class itself. There is something in a man in a vest … Eh!

The jacket is the culmination of the outfit. However, only some people, mainly MAESTRO, reach for it.

Both the jacket and vest should be intended for dancing. Avoid these “ordinary” ones, they will inhibit your movements …


There are so many accessories that deserve a separate article.

Should you wear them? You absolutely should!

Hats, belts, braces, cufflinks, ties, bow ties! Everything is most desirable!

And instead of stuffing the wallet in your back pocket and deform the beautifully tied buttocks, I suggest you always have a pressed handkerchief.

You never know when a beautiful lady will need to be saved from oppression …