Dance! Dance! Dance!

Man in Argentine tango – elegance and extravagance.
July 22, 2018

Working day by day on our collection, trying to expand it and adapt it to your needs in best way we can, I still can’t get over my luck!
We create clothes for one of the most beautiful, healthiest, and the most energizing passions in the world.

If the feelings accompanying the dance could be closed  and store in ampules, we would have an excellent remedy for every problem and any pain.
You don’t believe it?
Check it out, start today!
Turn on the radio, listen and wait.
Until the music overtakes you and your feet will start to dance  🙂 
There is no better entertainment than dancing.
Dance is our heritage. 

And it does not matter if you dance at tournaments, or whether you are shaking your bottom while opening a fridge or turning around with your kid on the back (in recent times it’s my case). 

Everybody can do it. In any and every way! That’s the sweetest part!
First of all, dance evokes the best emotions, smile.

Your body releases endorphins responsible for energy and positive thinking. What’s more, it helps us endure pain better. Hot, sweaty, but happy in 5 minutes.

Secondly, dancing is a great exercise.

You move all muscles, your body learns grace and , burns the fat and sculpts the figure. What do I want to ask for more?
Third, it purifies the mind. Let yourself be carried away by the sounds and rhythm and free your mind. Forget about all the problems, about the daily routine…

Dance as if the world were to end tomorrow.

And finally – if the radio and home floor are no longer enough for you. Go out! It creates excellent facilities for making new acquaintances. Different. Various. Interesting, boring, calm, full of passion …

And when you start going out to dance so much that you want new dresses, new skirts, new trousers and vests …

Hmmmm …

We will be waiting for you with our collection.

You can count on us!

And now off you go! 

Go dancing!