Milonga a Wroclaw - esposizioni abiti da tango Gantlé
Gantlé in Wroclaw.
May 1, 2016
Gantlé a maratona Endorfina a Poznan.

Gantlé a maratona Endorfina a Poznan.

We would like to thank to the organizers of the marathon Endorfina in Poznan.

Major thanks to two beautiful ladies, Marta, who at the last minute agreed to our stay at the marathon, and Sylvia, who took care of the presentation and sale of our collection. Without them it would not be possible.

We hope that all, present at the marathon tangueros, liked our collection. To all those who’s  hearts we won and they bought our pants, dresses and tops for the Argentine tango, we would like to thank once again. We hope that our outfits will you serve you during the most beautiful tandas, that will help you emphasize every dance step, every ornament, every new trick, and, above all, that would give the justice of the beauty of your figure and make you feel special.

For those who are still hesitating, watching our website and contemplating the images, we are waiting patiently, both on our website and on Facebook.

Warsaw and Florence residence we invite to take a look at our clothes to the Argentine tango personally. Visitors, of course, also.

Those who still do not know us, but would like to meet, we invite to join us at the marathon of Argentine tango Eventos Woman dj’s only in Olsztyn.

We won’t be missing there!

See you soon!