February 28, 2022

The Scent of a Woman

There are no mistakes in tango. Not like life. If you get all tangled up you just tango on.

Who has seen the Scent of a Woman  dreams of dancing a tango at least once in their life. Well, every woman who has seen this movie… And every fifth guy, every tenth publicly.

Four and a half minutes from a movie that lasts over two and a half hours. Four and a half minutes distracted from the rest. Scene that seemingly has nothing to do with the whole piece, which is, however, both, motto and title of the movie.

And, for clarification, I do not ignore the original version from 1974 with the brilliant Vittorio Gassman. I know about her. However, I think that hardly anyone remembers it. And the version of the modern Olympic gods is not bad. Al Pacino, brilliant.

Back to the point…

What attracts women to this scene? Is it the dance alone? Is this young, innocent boy? Is Al Pacino and his charisma? Maybe, to a very small extent, all these elements a little … And what really?

A Woman. Movie character Donna. (from Italian donna- woman- author’s reminder)

Her scent, her sensuality, her delicacy, her sensuality, her charm.

 It took the director four and a half minutes to show us the essence of femininity. And the essence of tango. The dance is not perfect, maybe not even good. The scene itself is perfect. She is delicate, beautiful, graceful. Not an exaggerated, not contemporary sex bomb. A simple, black dress, hair tied in a bun, delicate earrings and red lips. A woman.

And for her, for a woman, thinking about her, we just started to create our collection. Watch again this scene.

Look at the beauty of her back, the delicacy of her neck. The first inspiration is here.

Soon, there will be more about a woman, about men, too  🙂