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Oceano Jeans 04
November 23, 2022
Adriana Blu
March 14, 2023




Classic Argentine Tango men’s suit.

The jacket is double-breasted closed by three buttons.

Specifically designed for dance: the shoulders are soft and accompany the movement of the arms. It is unlined except for the sleeves; all seams are finished with satin ribbon creating an elegant effect.

The length is typical of Argentine fashion. The fine fabric is in 100% cool black pinstriped wool.

The vest is classic Argentinian, with four buttons. The width is adjustable at the back. Made in the same fabric, it is fully lined inside.

The trousers, also classic in Argentinean style, have four pleats on the front which give the right width. They go narrowing towards the bottom and end with the turn-up. The sewing is sartorial and with great attention to detail.

The suit is suitable for performances and shows, but also for elegant evenings.

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